Advisor/Senior Advisor, The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA)

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SØKNADSFRIST: 14-04-2019

The Section for Nuclear Safety and Pollution Control seeks Advisors / Senior Advisors for permanent positions. 


The Section for Nuclear Safety and Pollution Control is responsible for regulating licence holders for nuclear facilities and activities in accordance with the Nuclear Energy Activities Act and permit holders in accordance with the Pollution Control Act with regard to radioactive pollution and radioactive waste. This includes nuclear facilities operated by, and activities undertaken by, the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and their sites at Halden, Himdalen and Kjeller that contain, for example, research reactors, spent fuel management facilities and radioactive waste facilities. In relation to pollution control regulation this extends also to petroleum activities, process industries, hospitals and research. The Section is an interdisciplinary environment that participates in development work both nationally and internationally.  

Work Tasks

Regulation of the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and other organisations in Norway subject to the Nuclear Energy Activities Act and/or the Pollution Control Act including:

Licensing of nuclear facilities and activities and issuance of environmental permits.

Review and assessment of safety analyses, safety reports, health and environmental impact assessments.

Inspection of licence and/or permit holders facilities and activities.

Development of regulations and guides contributing to clearer information being available to stakeholders.  

Tasks connected to the regulation of transport of radioactive material and radioactive waste.

Opportunities to influence the strategy for managing radioactive pollution and radioactive waste in Norway.

Extensive collaboration with ministries, other government agencies and international organisations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Opportunities to travel, both at home and abroad, and to develop a large network of contacts both nationally and internationally.


We require:

Responsible and committed employees with relevant higher education to at least a Masters level in a relevant science or engineering subject or be able to demonstrate equivalent experience.

Strong written and oral presentation skills in Norwegian and / or English.

We seek: 

Relevant knowledge or experience working with nuclear facilities and activities, as part of a regulatory body, commercial or international organisation.

Applicants who are able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant nuclear safety principles and practices.    

Personal characteristics

Diligent, independent, responsible and committed applicants who are resilient, with high capacity for work, and have strong interpersonal skills.  

We offer

A challenging position with many development opportunities and collaboration with renowned academic communities nationally and internationally. A good working environment with competent and committed colleagues. Modern and pleasant premises with a subsidized canteen. Membership in the Government Pension Fund, flexible working arrangements, service mobile telephone and five-weeks holiday in addition to bank holidays. Salary according to the Government regulations as an Advisor at 524200 - 565000 kr. per year or as a Senior Advisor at NOK 576100 - 619300 kr. per year. For highly qualified applicants, higher salaries may be considered. 


Solveig Dysvik

Wenche Andersen



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